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Punk Rock & Pro-Wresting since 1986
Subrec.com was the home of the Sub-Mission Records BBS. 

This was a Minnesota based BBS that started up in the early 1990's.  It was dedicated to the Minnesota punk scene. 

This BBS started up when  the internet was in it's infancy, and nothing like it is today.  Graphics and high speed home connections were not realistic...2400 baud dialup modems were the thing, and text only (or ASCII) ruled the internet landscape.

Unfortunatly, the BBS is now closed, but the site lives on!

This website's new focus is on keeping the music that the lable put out, available for those that remember it, or remember the bands involved.

Check out the catalog link on the right to download or stream the music on each record's page.  Enjoy!

Sub-Mission Records

Sub-Mission Records

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