Born To Lose...Die To Win?

Catalog #: SR-207 & DS-009
Released: 1991
Pressing: 500 Clear Cassettes
In Stock

SR-207 was the original cassette release.  Years later, the masters were dug up and digitized for CD (DS-009).  The CD was never sold and is only available for the band.

Funny story with this release:  1991 was a weird time for music.  Vinyl was on its way out, but CD's were still really expensive to make.  Few of the band members actually had a record player, but everyone had a cassette player.  The band had a full albums worth of material, but with the high cost of making a vinyl LP or CD, they decided that they would go back to their roots and put out another cassette.  I talked them into at least doing a professionally manufatured cassette, but unfortunately they also went back to the Body Bag Studios (Gary's attic 4-track recording studio/practice space) to record this.  It was a compromise.  Was anyone happy with it?  No.  I hated that it was a cassette.  They hated the overall sound quality of the home recording.  The folks that bought the record (and myself), looked at it as a step backward for the band.  In the end, 1991 was sort of that tipping point where CD's became affordable to buy, and people stopped buying cassettes.  Long story, short...Somewhere in my basement I still probably have a hundred of these things laying just never lived up to sales expectations after the 7" had sold so well.  That's a shame because some of these songs are amongst best the band ever wrote.  Seduction of the Innocent and Rouge Cheddar are a couple of my favorite Death Squad songs ever.

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