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Catalog #: SR-206
Released: 1990
First Pressing: 500 Black Vinyl 7" records
Second Pressing: 250 Black Vinyl 7" records
"I've still got a couple left if you talk real nice to me" - Officially it's Sold Out.

The band had previously released four self recorded demo cassettes with a different singer.  With Bill Patton taking over singing duties from Bubba, the band made their first trip into a real studio, for a real release that got them noticed.  This release marks the most active period for the band.  The initial pressing of 500 sold out within three months, almost all of them going to hungry hardcore kids in Europe.  A second pressing was ordered about 3 months after selling out the first press, and it sold out six months later.  There is absolutely no difference between the two pressings, except the second press cost more for us to put out.

Recorded at Amazing Studios located in a St. Paul suburb, with Amazing Tony at the mixing board.  Honestly, this recording sounded AWESOME!  However, Amazing Tony put some not so amazing consumer grade Dolby-B noise reduction on the master tapes and the record mastering plant could not decode it.  We went through 3 test pressings, and finally gave up and accepted what you hear on the vinyl, but it still wasn't right.  The most frustrating part of getting these records pressed was the mastering house & pressing plant swearing that it sounded fine to them, because all punk rock was distorted.  Later we went back and had the master mix striped of the Dolby, and I believe that is what you hear on these MP3's.  However, I ripped these more than a decade ago (a decade after they were recorded), so I can't guarantee that I used the Dolby-less tape.   

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From their beginning until 1989 Death Squad was:

Bubba    Vocals
Rocco    Bass
Tony      Drums
Gary      Guitar

In 1990, Bubba left and was replaced by Bill Patton (older bro' to Impulse Manslaughter front-man Karl Patton).  1990-1996:

Bill         Vocals
Rocco    Bass
Tony      Drums
Gary      Guitar


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