The Piledriver EP

Catalog #: SR-211
Released: 1994
Pressing: 1000 Red Vinyl 7" records
"I've still got a few left if you talk real nice to me" - Officially it's Sold Out.

This recording contained the first release for both Sinkhole (whose final record was released on Dr. Strange) and Kid With Man Head (OneFoot Records).  It was the final release for FAQ.  The Oxymorons went on to release a CD, which contained this track.  All others are exclusive to this recording.  Of all the records I put out, this was my favorite, and even today, it stands out as a great pop-punk record....before anyone knew what pop-punk was.

The Oxymorons
Dayton, OH

I forget if I found the Oxymorons by them sending me a tape, or by them playing a show in my basement. Either way, these guys were on fire and needed to be included.  They played an amazing set in the basement that night, one that I'm pretty sure I captured on video somewhere.  

Life Goes On (mp3 link)

Newmarket, NH

The A.G.'s went on their "No Sleep 'till Newmarket" tour in support of the new album "Circus Berzerkus".  After a week or two of touring the new singer decided that touring wasn't his thing and quit the band.  The story I got was that they were planning to kick him out anyway and had been practicing as a four piece under the name Sinkhole.  This song was from their very first demo and represents their very first release.

Never Is Now (mp3 link)

Kalamazoo, MI

FAQ was a splendid, splendid punk rock band that played in Kalamazoo back in the day. They released great music, Geoff's pants used to fall down, bad Ronald played drums, Chonk chunked, and Bob was inspirational. They took Overman to MN one time to play a party and a bar and we once drove miles and miles into farmland to play for no one.  (I didn't write this, but I was there for this mini-tour)

Twinkie (mp3 link)

Kid With Man Head
Port Monmouth, NJ

I placed an ad in MaximumRockNRoll looking for bands to fill out this record.  I got this great three or four song demo from a band I never heard of, with what could possibly be the longest, oddest name in punk rock.  I loved it.  In fact, picking one song from this tape was really hard to do.  It was their first demo, and had a different bass player than appeared on their later CD's, and it was hot.  They had to be on the record.  I've been a fan ever since.

Blue Groove (mp3 link)


There were two local bands that I had wanted on this record; The Porcelain Boys & The Kung Fools.  Unfortunately, neither band had anything recorded and ready at the time I was putting the record together.